Who We Are

PumpsOK is more than just a warehouse full of cast iron and steel. We’re a library of water-moving know-how, and our passion is to lend it out every day. Everything we know, we learned from the world’s leading experts on moving water: our customers. And every solution we find is because of the four decades we’ve spent in your shoes.

Richard Greenly

You could say he’s married to the business, and you’d be right. Before he ever came to work here, Richard married the founders’ daughter. And somewhere between emptying the garbage and picking up sandwiches, he figured out he could use his background in geology and drilling to solve problems for water movers. That was more than 30 years ago.

“If a guy can call with a need and you can provide a solution close to his budget, you’ll earn his loyalty by doing the legwork for him,” he says. That philosophy of hard work and trust is what PumpsOK has hung our hat on.

“How we do business is who we are, and we’ve earned that right to be genuine,” he says. “You only get one shot at life and your reputation most of the time. It’s been very important to us, this trust thing that we have going. And you don’t just earn it once. It’s a continual process.”

Terri Greenly

When Terri started working at PumpsOK, there were three employees. Two of them were her parents. At 12 years old, she says, “I didn’t know how to type yet, but I did invoicing and office things. I liked to help.”

Growing up, Terri always contributed however she could to the family business. When she got her driver’s license, it goes without saying that she started delivering pumps. Along the way, she worked other places too.

“I found out this was a pretty good place I grew up in,” she says. “We’ve been blessed with our customers’ trust through the years. We earned it. We did things right. It’s taken some screw-ups and handling them and earning people’s confidence. At the end of the day, I want to do things the same way I’d want people to do for me. I want to provide that for our customers.”