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Oklahoma’s oldest wholesale pump distributor

Why Choose PumpsOK?

  • If we don’t have the pump you need, we’ll custom build one for you.

  • Everything we know, we learned from the world’s leading experts: customers like you.

  • Every day, we move water all over the world. Every 20 seconds, we help save a child’s life.

What we do

  • Water Systems

    Everything we know, we learned in the field. And that’s where we’ll be when you need us. Field-ready pumps, expertise, and service for water wells, irrigation, water transfer, pressure boosting, and more.

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  • Commercial

    Wastewater, pressure boosting, HVAC, irrigation, municipal water: Your demanding jobs demand good pumps, solid experience, and friendly know-how. At PumpsOK we’ve got all three, and we’re ready to help.

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  • Environmental

    At PumpsOK, we’ve never seen a mess we couldn’t remedy. From leachate extraction to tank-to-tank transfer, water sampling to total fluids recovery, we’ve accomplished some of the biggest jobs on the planet, and we’d like to help you accomplish yours.

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  • Custom Fabrication

    Our 8,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is staffed with engineers and technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to design and fabricate a custom system for your site-specific considerations.

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  • Oil & Gas

    PumpsOK has the tools you need to safely, efficiently run your drilling operations.

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A typical workday for one of our Real. Friendly. Experts.

From the Field


    This major food packager was first introduced to BJM Pumps in 2011 when R.F. MacDonald Co. suggested that the central California facility use a Fahrenheit® Pump for one of their shallow sumps.

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  • PumpsOK Confronts World Water Crisis

    In 2005 there were 1,500 villages in China with no running water. In each case, the villagers–mostly women and school-aged girls–walked long distances each day to haul water from unsanitary sources just so they could perform the necessities of cooking, drinking, and bathing.

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  • PumpsOK Pioneers Low-flow Groundwater Sampling

    In 1992 when Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City initiated what would be the largest groundwater sampling project in U.S. history at the time, they turned to PumpsOK for help.

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  • Water Pumps 101

    PumpsOK has a wide variety of deep-well water pumps, submersible turbine pumps, and surface-mounted water pumps from 1 to 100,000 gallons per minute, and well depths to 3000 feet. Materials of construction range from cast iron and bronze to stainless steel and engineered composites. These pumps can be used in a variety of applications from irrigation to water transfer and constant-pressure well pump applications.

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  • BJM’s Custom Solution for Coors Field

    Baseball — it’s America’s national pastime. An outing to the ballpark is steeped in traditions encompassing everything from food and drink — peanuts and Crackerjack, hot dogs, and of course beer — to singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th Inning Stretch. The game can conjure up memories of simpler times or just provide a fun way to pass a few hours on a warm summer night.

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  • PumpsOK-Designed Remediation System Serves U.S. Military

    Williams Air Force Base in Mesa, Arizona, was an active Air Force installation from 1941 through 1991. Like many military installations that use and store fuel, some of the fuel had leaked from the storage tanks and fuel lines, creating an environmental challenge.

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  • Brewery Wastewater Treatment System Relies on BJM SX-F Fahrenheit Pumps

    After meeting at the Craft Brewers Conference, a successful brewery collaborated with ClearBlu Environmental, a full-service design-build firm that specializes in applying sustainable technologies to process wastewater treatment and reclamation.

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