Water Systems

Vertical Multistage Pumps

Grundfos CR

Also known as the Grundfos CR Range, the Grundfos vertical multistage in-line pump has an innovative design that’s inspired others all around the world. The CR is extremely resistant to dry running, the most common cause of pump failure thanks to its shaft seal and bearing system which is highly heat-resistant. It also comes in eleven different hydraulic sizes and hundreds of pressure sizes, so no matter what your need is, there’s a CR for you.

Goulds Vertical Multistage Pump

The Goulds e-SV series is Goulds’ line of stainless steel vertical, multistage pumps. These pumps come in eleven different models that can be customized for a large variety of applications. For additional flexibility, these pumps can be interchanged with the Goulds SSV series of vertical multi-stage pumps.