Water Systems

Horizontal Multistage

Flow Range: up to 5000 gpm
Pressure Range: up to 280 ft of Head
HP Range: 7.5 to 250 hp
Fluid Temp Range: max temp range 250 deg F
Applications: large volume, municipal water supply
Brands: Goulds, Wilo


Goulds Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Goulds’ e-HM series of horizontal multistage pumps are highly customizable and are a fantastic solution to water needs for the vast majority of buildings, from single-family homes to ten floor apartment buildings. Highly efficient hydraulics will reduce your energy bill and highly-durable metal casings will keep these pumps in service for many years.

Goulds GB Series Booster Pumps - 5GB, 7GB, 10GB, 18GB, 25GB, 33GB

The Goulds GB series offers steady, calm, vibration-free operations thanks to its multistage design. Cast iron construction comes standard, but stainless steel is also available. The O-Ring casing seal keeps high pressures reliably contained but disassembles easily for servicing. The GB series is a great choice for residential, agricultural, or commercial pressure washes and general purpose pumping.

Franklin Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Franklin’s MH series of horizontal multistage centrifugal booster pumps are the ideal pumps for your pressure boosting needs. Stainless steel allows for optimized performance in a wide spread of applications, and the varying flow rates and horsepower capabilities ensure you can find the right pump for your needs. This pump is ideal for all forms of pressure boosting, including water transfer, irrigation, wash-downs, fountains, and more.