Water Systems

Variable Frequency Drives

Franklin Drives and Controls

Franklin uses variable speed technology to improve home water systems by virtually eliminating pressure fluctuations. Franklin SubDrive and MonoDrive constant pressure controllers monitor water demand and adjust pump speed to produce the exact amount of needed water. Available in a wide variety of ratings, Franklin constant pressure controllers offer: Smooth, nearly silent operation A large range of pressure settings Built-in protection and diagnostics Seametrics Flowmeters

Yaskawa IQ 1000

The Yaskawa iQpump1000 was created to maximize benefits for pump service operators and owners. Setup is easy, and motor protection features allow for a long life. This pump’s software allows the user to program control values for whatever applications it is needed for. The pump will then automatically make adjustments to its operation conditions to match those needs while maintaining efficient performance and protection. This product can replace phase convertors when you need to convert from a single phase to a three phase motor.