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Water Pumps 101

Water Pumps 101

Typer of Water Pumping Systems

PumpsOK has a wide variety of deep-well water pumps, submersible turbine pumps, and surface-mounted water pumps from 1 to 100,000 gallons per minute, and well depths to 3000 feet. Materials of construction range from cast iron and bronze to stainless steel and engineered composites. These pumps can be used in a variety of applications from irrigation to water transfer and constant-pressure well pump applications.

Constant Pressure Pumps

Variable performance constant pressure water pump systems — like those supplied by Goulds and Grundfos — have become the standard for electric irrigation pumps and irrigation transfer pumping systems.

Utilizing a variable frequency motor control along with a pressure transducer, the constant pressure pumping system is programmed to maintain a certain pressure set point, and the constant pressure pump controller then speeds up or slows down the electric irrigation pump, irrigation transfer pump, or submersible well pump system to follow the setpoint depending on water usage. The closer to the setpoint, the slower the pump will run; and the farther from the setpoint, the faster the pump will run; all while trying to maintain a constant pressure. 

This constant pressure well pump system thereby allows a much closer window of operation to control flow and pressure and also affords significant energy savings by allowing the pump to run only as fast as needed to maintain a constant pressure. 

Irrigation Pumps

PumpsOK has supplied electric irrigation pumps for the past 45 years. Electric irrigation pumps and irrigation transfer pumps are widely used throughout various industries including agriculture, municipal, industrial, environmental remediation, and the oil and gas industries.

PumpsOK is a proud supplier of Grundfos electric irrigation pumps, irrigation transfer pumps, and constant pressure well pump systems.

Submersible and Transfer Pumps

PumpsOK is also a supplier of the Grundfos deep-well submersible pump systems. Grundfos offers an all-stainless steel line of deep well submersible well pumps from 2 to 1400 gallons per minute and depths to 2200 feet. The all-stainless construction for the Grundfos pumps makes them ideal for saltwater transfer and irrigation or industrial transfer pumps. 

Water Booster Stations

PumpsOK also fabricates high-end water booster stations. These booster stations utilize variable speed constant pressure control technology. As small towns and communities continue to grow and expand it is becoming more common for the community to have outgrown its original water tower or water booster station. We can custom-design a specific water booster station for an existing water distribution system to meet the expanding demands of these growing communities.