Water Systems

Above Ground Jet Pumps

Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pump - JRS5, JRS5H, JRS7, JRS10

This above ground jet pump features an integral shallow well jet within its casing, eliminating the need for a separate shallow well adapter. It also features a back pullout design, allowing you to easily disassemble the pump for service. The motor has two compartments to allow simple access to motor wiring and all replaceable parts. The Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pump is ideal for homes, cottages, and booster service.

Goulds Deep Jet Pump - JRD5, JRD7, JRD10

This convertible pump is ideal for shallow or deep well needs in homes, farms, cottages, and for booster service. A back pullout design allows you to easily disassemble the pump for maintenance and service. It’s also resistant to corrosion and features easily-removed plastic tubing and fittings for cleaning.

Franklin FPS VersaJet Series

The Franklin FPS VersaJet is the most versatile jet pump on the market. Thanks to its easy customizability, this pump covers a wide spread of performance needs. Using a small Allen wrench and the pump’s simple nozzle replacement system, you can configure this pump for standard performance, high pressure, or high flow. The high quality materials will also keep it running for a long time.