Oil & Gas

Saltwater Transfer Pumps

Goulds ESV

The Goulds e-SV series is Goulds’ line of stainless steel vertical, multistage pumps. These pumps come in eleven different models that can be customized for a large variety of applications. For additional flexibility, these pumps can be interchanged with the Goulds SSV series of vertical multi-stage pumps.

Goulds NPO

The Goulds G&L Series NPO all stainless steel end suction pumps utilize premium construction materials for corrosion resistance, increased strength and ductility, and a high-quality appearance. The open impeller design is capable of passing food particles, lint, and other wash residues up to ⅜’’. They also feature mechanical seals with optional high temperature and chemical resistance and motors capable of operating under all conditions.

Goulds 3657

The Goulds 3657/3757 stainless steel end suction pumps feature an enclosed impeller design for maximum efficiency and a back pull-out design that makes maintenance simple. Installation is easy thanks to its frame-mounted design. The stainless steel corrosion is both strong and resistant to corrosion, allowing for a long, efficient life.

Goulds NPE

The Goulds NPE 316L stainless steel end suction centrifugal pump features a flexible, space-saving design, allowing you to mount it vertically or horizontally for easy maintenance. The NPE pumps are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including water circulation, liquid transfer, booster service, reverse osmosis, and more.

Goulds SSH

The SSH S & M-group 316L stainless steel end suction pump by Goulds offers premium construction materials to restrict corrosion and increase strength and ductility. A frame mounted design offers additional flexibility during installation, and a backside pull-out design makes maintenance easier. The cast-iron power frame provides durable support and a grease-lubricated ball bearing assembly method.