Oil & Gas

Flowmeters and Controls

Seametrics WJ Turbine Meter

The Seametrics WJ-Series turbine meters are dry-register mechanical totalizers that offer accurate and efficient information regarding high flows with low pressure loss. The horizontal axis turbine uses a vertical shaft that’s magnetically attached to the sealed register.

EX 100/200 Series Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

The EX 100 and EX 200 series insertion magnetic flow meters are adjustable depth insertion magmeters that can fit pipelines between 3” and 72”. These meters use no moving parts whatsoever, allowing for a higher level of reliability. The EX models have no rotors to stop turning in case of dirty water, so there are no bearings that can be worn out. The brass and stainless steel models are extremely durable and are capable of withstanding extreme temperature, pressure, and chemical wear.

Seametrics PE102 Low Flow Magmeter

The Seametrics PE102 magmeter is intended for low-flow chemical injections or difficult-to-measure applications. Because it has no moving parts, the PE102 can safely handle fluids which contain particulate matter without getting clogged or jammed, so maintenance needs are easy and infrequent to deal with.

Seametrics WT Turbine Meter

The Seametrics WT Turbine Meter uses only one moving part, a precision helical rotor, making it likely to last for a very long time. The rotor’s rotation is detected and processed electronically, and the durable jewel bearings and shaft lessen friction while offering long life in non-lubricating fluids. This turbine meter is ideal for use in water treatment, municipal applications, cooling water monitoring, and industrial flow control.

Seametrics MJ Turbine Pulse Meter

The MJ-series pulse meters use the multi-jet principle, a widely-accepted, long-running standard. These meters are renowned for their wide range, ease-of-use, and accuracy in both high-quality and low-quality water. They come in both hot and cold water models. These meters are ideal for use in cooling tower chemical control, industrial water treatment, deduct metering, and pump pacing.

Seametrics IMAG Magmeter

The Seametrics iMag 4700 series flanged magmeter is an ideal meter for water treatment, municipal applications, pump stations and skids, filtration systems, and more. It’s among the most economical flanged electromagnetic flowmeters available.

Seametrics WMP Plastic Magmeter

The Seametrics WMP-Series plastic-bodied magmeter is a fantastic tool for usage monitoring for gray water, industrial waste discharge, irrigation, well monitoring and more. This tool is designed for 1, 2, and 3 inch pipes. It’s light, easy to install, and easy to remove from a pipe for inspection.