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CPN flat cable

The CPN flat cable is a cost-efficient polypropylene insulated cable. It consists of four components: galvanized steel armor, a solid tinned copper conductor, an oil-resistance, patented flexible Nitrile jacket, and high dielectric polypropylene insulation. This cable is designed for operation temperatures between 34 and 96 degrees celsius.

CTT-CBM cable

CTT-CBM flat cables are ideal for use in deeper CBM wells where temperature is hotter and higher pressures are a consideration due to well depth. This is also an excellent cable in water well applications where large quantities of CO2 are not an issue. CTT-CBM is one of the most cost effective armored cables in the cable family. This CTT-CBM cable has been rated for 2000 volt operation.

1. Armor: Galvanized steel
2. Jacket: Black electrical grade thermoplastic insulation
3. Ground wire: Ground wire, NEC compliant
4. Conductor: Soft drawn tin coated copper (SDTC)
5. Insulation: High dielectric thermoplastic insulation
Features and Benefits:

Wide temperature range: –40ºF (–40ºC) to 190°F (88ºC)
Thermoplastic insulation and jacket: Dielectric grade materials protect conductor
Grounded: Ground wire provided
Galvanized armor: Protects cable making it ideal for deeper applications Flat configuration: Ideal for wells with marginal clearance