Variable Frequency Drives

Yaskawa P1000

The Yaskawa P1000 is the latest in industrial fan and pump drive technology, intended specifically for variable torque needs. These devices are extremely intuitive and user friendly. They allow for a large range of network and control options, making them an extremely cost effective and flexible solution. The display features a simple 5-line, 16-character alphanumeric readout with a date and timer with easy controls.

Yaskawa iQPumps

The Yaskawa iQpump intelligent pump drive family features a variety of different packages with advanced and comprehensive pump and motor protection. These pump drives are easy to use while working well with a variety of applications, including flow, geothermal, constant pressure, and multiple pump booster systems. Even if you have multiple needs, this drive offers a comprehensive solution.

Franklin Drives and Controls

Franklin uses variable speed technology to improve home water systems by virtually eliminating pressure fluctuations. Franklin SubDrive and MonoDrive constant pressure controllers monitor water demand and adjust pump speed to produce the exact amount of needed water. Available in a wide variety of ratings, Franklin constant pressure controllers offer: Smooth, nearly silent operation A large range of pressure settings Built-in protection and diagnostics Seametrics Flowmeters