Jet Eductor Systems

The eductor jet pump recovery system uses old, proven technology in a completely different application-environmental remediation. Eductors are the mainstay of the jet system and have been used in water wells and other industries for decades. Now we are finding them extremely useful in the environmental industry for the recovery of total fluids and/or soil vapor extraction.

The eductor jet pump system works by pumping pressurized fluid through nozzles in the eductors, creating a partial vacuum on the suction side of the eductors. Liquid or vapor is then pulled up from recovery wells into suction tubes that are attached to the suction side of each eductor. The recovered liquid (or vapor) is entrained by the pressurized fluid, and the mixture is discharged through the eductor to discharge piping. One drive pump can provide pressurized liquid to several eductors at multiple wells. It’s that simple.

  1. Fluid under pressure enters the nozzle and velocity increases as passage narrows.
  2. Pressure is fully converted to maximum velocity as water leaves the nozzle tip, discharging into the venturi tube.
  3. Partial vacuum created in the upper chamber. The velocity of the stream entering the tube entrains additional water.
  4. Recovered liquid/vapor constantly flows into the eductor to fill the partial vacuum continuously created by the high-velocity stream.
  5. Tapered venturi tube allows the velocity of the jet stream and well mixture to be gradually reconverted to pressure.
  6. At greatly reduced velocity, water continues out of the eductor, losing pressure as it approaches discharge piping.