Submersible Wastewater

Flow Range: up to 5000 gpm
Pressure Range: up to 280 ft of Head
HP Range: 7.5 to 250 hp
Fluid Temp Range: max temp range 250 deg F
Applications: large volume, municipal water supply
Brands: Goulds, Wilo


Goulds WE Series Pumps

The Goulds WE Series 3885 submersible effluent pumps feature impellers made of cast iron. They are semi-open and clog-resistant thanks to pump-out vanes and offer mechanical seal protection. Silicon bronze impellers are also an option. The shaft and fasteners are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They are optimal for homes, trailer courts, schools, hospitals, farms, motels, and other effluent systems.

Goulds 4SD Pumps

The Goulds 4SD submersible sewage pump features a dual seal with a seal sensor probe, a cast-iron, two-vane, semi-open impeller with clog protection. The impeller is balanced to operate smoothly, and a bronze impeller is also available. These pumps are optimal for use in sewage systems, farms, hospitals, motels, trailer courts, dewatering projects, and flood and pollution control.

Liberty Sewage Pumps

Liberty sewage pumps come in four models: the LE50-Series submersibles, the LE70-Series submersibles, the LE100-Series submersibles, and the LEH100-Series high head sewage pump. The right pump for you depends on the scale of your operation, as each increasing number corresponds to greater capabilities.

BJM Shredder Pumps

The BJM submersible SK/SKX Shredder Pumps are created to handle united debris in wastewater, from plastic toys to beer cans and fibrous solids. It does this by breaking and ripping these items apart as they enter the system with 360 degree shredding capabilities. They are able to successfully pass almost any solid without damage to the pump or a decline in pumping quality. However, it’s important to size this pump correctly to optimize performance.

BJM KZN Series Pumps

The BJM KZN-Series heavy duty submersible agitators are slurry pumps built for industries that see the most pumping-related difficulties. It’s capable of dealing with food wastes, lime slurries, slag pits, ash transfer, and far more. Each pump is built with abrasive-resistant chrome iron and is protected by Class H motor insulation, a heavy duty lip seal, and hardened ductile iron volutes. The KZNs are top discharge pumps.

BJM LWA Series Pumps

The BJM LWA-Series submersible lightweight agitator dewatering pumps are built with hard metal and intended to dewater sand, silt, coal and other abrasive slurries. A chrome iron impeller and a hardened ductile iron agitator reinforce the system for extreme durability while still keeping the system lightweight.